Ubirider: public transportation the smart way.

Urban mobility, the smart way.

Urban Mobility

Ubirider is an universal app that uses your smartphone to plan for your next trip and let's you pay in advance on all modes of public transportation and car parks.

Ubirider's enhanced features provide information on public transportation operators, cities, and local places while you are on the go.


Paulo Ferreira dos Santos Ubirider CEO
Paulo Ferreira dos Santos
Vasco Vasconcelos Ubirider CMO
Vasco Vasconcelos
Jorge Pinto Ubirider CTO
Jorge Pinto
Joana Silva Ubirider Head of iOS
Joana Silva
Head of iOS
Inês Faria Ubirider Head of Design
Inês Faria
Head of Design
Diogo Santos Ubirider Head of Android
Diogo Santos
Head of Android
Tiago Paiva Ubirider iOS Developer
Tiago Paiva
iOS Developer
Nuno Alves Ubirider Designer
Nuno Alves


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email: info@ubirider.com